Review: MySlim with Yerba Mate Slimming Drink

Sad to admit but I was not able to attain my target bikini-ready body this summer. I have nothing to blame actually because I’m a complete potato couch who does nothing but cook and read blogs all day. Plus, our current living condition is honestly not conducive for home exercising – we have boxes everywhere… →



Dieting sucks and never seem to work for me. I thought the only solution to get rid of my excess fats is through surgery so I consulted my derma about it. Unfortunately, my derma told me recently that I am not fit for any lipo or mesotheraphy procedures because of physical and health issues *cries*… →


Burn Fats Without The Burnout with MySlim

Got a package from Vida Nutriscience days ago and it contained boxes of mySlim satchets. I’m sure you’ve heard of this drink already. I actually see mySlim bottles in convenience stores all the time, but I never got to try it. I find mySlim inducing and tempting though, because it’s a fat burner beverage. Maybe… →