Review: MySlim with Yerba Mate Slimming Drink

Sad to admit but I was not able to attain my target bikini-ready body this summer. I have nothing to blame actually because I’m a complete potato couch who does nothing but cook and read blogs all day. Plus, our current living condition is honestly not conducive for home exercising – we have boxes everywhere because of the house renovation. Or I just made that excuse in my mind to not force myself to exercise at all. LOL! Ok, with my laziness and my history with intestine-related slimming products, I know I really need to start living healthy.






Included in my new diet plan is a significant increase in intake of fiber-rich food. As you probably already know by now, fiber acts like a natural laxative for the body. It helps remove toxins and other wastes inside the body that make us feel bloated and heavy. Most of the weight we gain can be blamed to our poor metabolism, I for one have very poor metabolism so I need all the help I could get to flush wastes all out. However, even with double dose of canned pineapple drinks, I still can’t regulate my bowel. So I need to turn to safe slimming product that can do the same and at the same time, stir clear of products that are too “strong” as to prevent my intestine from rupturing – again. That’s when I first tried the bottled version mySlim from 7 Eleven few months ago – I posted it on Instagram more than 7 months ago.















I’ve said this a million times before and I will say it again, I don’t like strawberries. Period. Imagine going to Baguio and not eating even a single freshly-picked strawberry. Although in juices and other artificial flavoring, I can somehow tolerate it. Well, not really “tolerate” because I actually really like the taste of this strawberry-flavored mySlim powdered juice. It’s a lot like strawberry Kool-Aid but not as sweet. :) Oh and also, just the smell of the powder after opening the sachet is soooo good. <3


Anyway, when mixing it with water, I’m not really sure how much water is needed so I just mix it with about 2 glasses of water. I don’t think the concentration would greatly

change the effect because I still drink very single






Like all other products, mySlim has a unique mix of ingredients that make it effective in helping out the body flush out toxins and undigested food. The following part is more on the scientific side discussing how and why mySlim works.. if you don’t want to read it. Well, by all means, head to the lower part to see how this slimming and fat burning drink helped me. But if you ask me, it’s always better to know and understand how things work especially if it could greatly affect your health and body as a whole. So read on.. :)

Here’s a closer look:

(Information provided by Vida Nutri Science)



mySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink 

Stress, the food we eat and other factors increase the amount of toxins in our body. Toxins prevent our bodies from functioning properly; losing weight is particularly difficult if you have a lot of toxins. Not to worry, mySlim has created a delicious and refreshing drink that does these three things: detoxify, boost energy and burn fat. The science behind this sugar-free drink is in these three key ingredients: Palatinose, Carnipure and EFLA920.


mySlim is sugar-free so how can it boost energy? The answer is in key ingredient Palatinose. It is naturally derived from sucrose and it functions by controlling the release of glucose into the blood. End result? You get stable energy levels for a longer period of time.






carnipure (2)




finomate (1)




palatinose (2)





Aside from Palatinose, mySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink also has EFLA920 and Carnipure. EFLA920 is all natural as it comes from the yerba mate or green mate leaf extract. It works two ways: increasing energy and facilitating weight loss. EFLA920 suppresses appetite, reduces resorption of fat and increases fat burn. On top of that, it also improves physical and mental performance, provides antioxidant protection and activates the metabolic process. Click the photo to enlarge.





MySlimInfographic2 (1)




By now, you probably know about L-carnitine. But did you know that the trusted L-carnitine is Carnipure? It is a high quality L-carnitine that can be found in mySlim. How exactly does Carnipure work? Simple and just the way we want it: it converts fat to usable energy. So instead of layers and layers of fat being stored in your body, Carnipure burns that fat into energy that you can use all day long. Less fat, more energy.






Now for my PERSONAL experience with mySlim.

Like I said, it’s very rare for me to exercise. The best I could do is briskly walk for a good 20 minutes. No wonder I can’t burn most of the calories from the food I intake. It’s also not helpful that I can’t use slimming teas or other STRONG laxative-like products to help me lose weight. The best I have so far are Slimina, L-Carnatine tablets and this, MySlim with Yerba Mate Slimming Drink.Well, this is the best drink my ruptured intestine could withstand. Although I have to admit, it does cause stomach cramps-like pain right before the bathroom emergency call. The pain is quite tolerable, maybe a 4/10 in my pain scale. But it’s good to know that it doesn’t cause any bleeding – yes, I had it checked. I also had my brother try this just to see if the effects are the same. And thankfully, he did not experience any stomach pain. So I guess the pain is only true for me – because of my condition.










As per instruction, the safe dosage of mySlim is 2-4 times/sachets a week – NOT daily. This is probably because too much can lead to the same effect as diarrhea, dehydration. Plus, by flushing out too much, our body may not have enough stored nutrients. Personally, I only drink this when I think I ate too much in a given day like after going to an eat-all-you-can buffet. It greatly helps the body in removing the undigested food. With mySlim, I can now eat almost anything guilt-free knowing that I can poop it all out later. So sorry for the lack of better term! *facepalm
I can’t really vouch for any extreme weight loss because I’ve only consumed 1 and a half box, or 6 sachets, of mySlim so far. So no, my weight did not change dramatically over the past 2 weeks with the exception of course of the instant tummy-flattening bathroom emergency. LOL! Given that it does an effective job in regulating bowel movement and speeding up the metabolism process, I can safely assume that with long-term use, this could be very effective indeed in terms weight loss.



photo (35)






I can’t emphasize this enough; make sure that you’re in the comfort of your home – or will be in the next 2-4 hours -when you take this. Don’t say I didn’t warn you because, like I said, this really does cause massive bathroom emergencies. That’s not even a joke. So far, MySlim with Yerba Mate Slimming Drink is the only product – that acts like a laxative – that I could stand. Overall, it was as it was able to help tremendously in flushing out toxins and other wastes thus temporarily (and eventually, in the long-run) allowing my to lose weight. It’s a bit painful for me given my history but it didn’t cause any further rupturing or bleeding. And it’s good enough for me. :)


my slim bottle and capsule (2)


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