My Bro’s Anti-Acne Saviors, Inside & Out | AcneCare & Garnier Multi-Action Scrub

Okay, so my brother reports that some LOCAL items I’ve passed onto him in the skincare division have actually been working. That’s worth a post ain’t it? He has the most reactive oily skin and has suffered from breakouts for years now as a teenager. His proclaimed current saviors are AcneCare Lactoferrin supplement capsules (day and night dosage which I nag him about) that are available still, I hope, at Mercury Drug and Watsons, and the Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub from my BDJ Box loot!



If you want to see what my brother’s skin looked like before, click here and check out the close-up photo. His skin isn’t 100% clear yet but the center of his face outwards is a dream compared to how besieged by spots it once was. What my 16 yr-old brother generally likes about a scrub or facial cleanser is pretty straightforward, something that cleans deeply, helps prevent or heal acne, doesn’t smell weird, and won’t dry out his skin. He seems to be quite a happy camper at the moment with this Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub ( and Garnier is available like almost everywhere) which he says works really well. He’s had nothing to say about other cleansers I bought him in the past. You see, as his annoying, fussy, much older (13-yrs) beauty blogger sister I hold the banner high in the conscious revolt against his acne. He just plays football with the Kaya league while the sunblock nag sits in the sidelines. Oh, what would his face do without me? I actually got him the oh so acclaimed La Roche Posay Effaclar Cleansing Gel when we were in Hong Kong and he hated it, he kept putting it back on my sink and I’d put it back on his (repeat 5x) ’til finally he claimed he was peeling so bad from dryness after using it. So he prefers the significantly cheaper Garnier one now.



Okay now onto the stuff that works from the inside out. Before we were given these local AcneCare Lactoferrin capsules, last year UK Company Works With Water emailed me and sent me boxes of sachets of their soluble fiber form Lactoferrin called Help Clear Skin. Lactoferrin is not medication, it is a natural milk protein that inhibits the body’s development of a certain bacteria that causes zits. That was a once-a-day dosage taken mixed with water, it was tasteless my brother said, and it really cleared up his skin after a month. You can read the introductory post of Help Clear Skin Lactoferrin here which explains how Lactoferrin works, it’s the same thing that AcneCare contains, and the conclusive review here. Of course, Works With Water UK only gave me a limited supply. I was actually thinking what was I to do once we ran out of Help Clear Skin sachets? Then AcneCare (bless you guys, sorry this has taken so long) in mid-September sent me 3 bottles of their AcneCare Lactoferrin capsules, 30 capsules per bottle, which my brother now takes day and night. AcneCare Lactoferrin is combined with Linumlife and Zinc to work even better against acne. What’s wonderful is AcneCare is available locally at Mercury Drug and Watsons for the reasonable price of Php885.00 per bottle and it’s reassuring to know it’s something that actually works for my brother at least. I figured I’d put this up for the number of guys reading this blog (which I can count on one hand) or the doting moms in the house who have oily spotty teenagers. Hope this helps :) For more information AcneCare has a Facebook page here. If you feel the least bit uncomfortable about trying it over the counter consult your dermatologist first!