Dieting sucks and never seem to work for me. I thought the only solution to get rid of my excess fats is through surgery so I consulted my derma about it. Unfortunately, my derma told me recently that I am not fit for any lipo or mesotheraphy procedures because of physical and health issues *cries* hence, I am seeking for an alternative way of burning fats aside from my daily bending exercise. I’ve tried using slimming gels but they never worked for me. I love the taste of slimming teas but not its effects on me. I need something really effective but not that painful.



I’ve recently came across the product MySlim, a yerba mate drink, which claims to be a complete supplement to weight loss regimen.

Product Description: MySlim gives you twice the burning power with Yerba Mate (Finomate) and hi-grade L-carnitine (Carnipure) in a refreshing sugar-free drink made with Palatinose. Spend your day burning fat, balancing your sugar levels and bringing up your energy without extra-effort. All it takes is adose of MySlim!
Ingredients: Isomalt (palatinose), sucralose, purified water, Mate Leaf powder extract (Ilex paraguariansis, L-Carnitine, Ascorbic Acid, Caramel color, Sodium benzoate and acidulant (citric acid).
Active Ingredients: 
(Low Glycemic) Palatinit GmBII, Mannhein Germany
(L-Carnitine)from Lonza Switzerland
(Yerba Mate) from Frutarom, Switzerland
This is my first time to try My Slim. Instruction says that it is best to take 1 to 2 sachets per week. The box contains 4 sachets of strawberry-flavored, sugar free powdered drink. It tastes like strawberry juice – which I really like.
FIRST TRY: I experienced bathroom emergencies (well, I guess to remove toxins) and severe headache. That’s the reason why “it is recommended to drink at the comfort of your home“. But compared to teas that I have tried before, this product doesn’t torture my stomach much. I don’t know if this is the reason for my headache, though. We’ll see if I still feel the same on my second try.
I just realized that this is also the reason for my loss of appetite for two days. And it is the best thing that I like about this product! I got to avoid cake and ice cream for two straight days. 😀 Unfortunately, on the third day, I can’t resist anymore. XD
SECOND TRY: The main effect of this product is gassing and bathroom emergencies. I did not feel dizzy on my second drink and noticed that I have no appetite for sweets and junk food. No headache so I just mo body was just adjusting on or I was stressed on my first day.
Will I try this product again? Yes, I would love to drink this on weekends. Let’s see after two months if this product really works. 😉
This product also comes in slimming capsule form. You can also find this product in ready-to-drink bottle and available in selected 7-eleven stores.
So has anyone tried this product yet? Does it work for you?
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