AcneCare Lactoferrin – Review

Fight Pimples from the Inside Naturally

Comprises of a proprietary blend that derives a bioactive complex rich Lactoferrin , Linumlife and zinc gluconate. AcneCare is based on milk’s many bioactive components with specific physiological effects to support the reduction of blemishes and redness associated with a bad complexion. The most essential mechanisms are the anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help promote a healthy complexion from the inside.


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  • What it does?
    • Clinically Proven against Acne
    • Helps you get rid of Acne , Red spots and Blemishes
    • Also works for body acne and adult acne
    • Promotes and maintainshealthy skin & clear complexion
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  • All you have to do is to take two capsules a day. One in the morning and one in the evening. That’s what I really did because I really wanted to get rid of my pimples. Haha! I usually get pimples when my monthly period is nearing. Who doesn’t hate pimples? They lowers almost all girls’ self-esteem.
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  • And I have to say, upon taking two capsules for 45 days, it really works. Pimples are gone and it gives me glowing skin. I must continue taking this dietary Supplement! If you’re suffering from acne or pimples, then you must go give this product a try. It really works for me! :)
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  • Just a little warning for pregnant and lactating women, it not recommended for you. Sorry! :(
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  • And since I only finished the three bottles sent to me, I’m planning to repurchase real soon. Yes, because I truly believe in this product, it works really great! I’m glad that it is available on all Watsons and Mercury drug stores. So convenient!
  • Above are details on the 3 Anti-acne Complex! :) If you want further details, you may like their Facebook Fanpage here or visit their website here :)