AcneCare Lactoferrin (Follow My Brother’s Battle Against Acne)

When I reached puberty, I was anticipating to have pimples but I just got one or two zitsfor every two – three months. I always believed that I am very lucky to have a skin like my mom’s. I was too damn afraid to inherit my dad’s skin type which is oily and acne prone. When everyone was worrying about their pimples in high school, I was worrying about my sensitive skin because I am prone to rashes. I know a lot of my readers have oily skin and some may be having difficulty with acne. I may have a zit free skin most of the time but sadly, my brother was not that lucky. Growing up, he developed acne all over his face, chest and back. I was nonchalant about his plight thinking that it was just a mere phase of his growing up years. However, it has been almost three years and his acne worsened. He tried using Benzoyl Peroxide. I even prodded him to undergo treatment through a dermatologist but after his first treatment session, he simply refused to go back. He even used Perla because I advised him to try it which cause him allergies on his nose area.  To no avail, his skin was still bombarded with acne. A week ago, I received an email from Erick of  Acne Care. I was excited for this and for my brother as well.




Could this be the answer to my brother’s dilemma?

When I asked him if he could do this review for me, he was really hesitant. He told me “Pagpaparaktisan mo na naman ako!” haha.. I replied that he loved the NEutrogena Facial Wash that I recommended to him. He acceded albeit with great apprehension. I know he felt like a guinea pig. hehe It is his first week of drinking this medicine and I am patiently reminding him to take it.



No review for now. Erick told me that results will be seen after 2-4 weeks. This costs 885 pesos per bottle (30 capsules). Here is a press release sent to me to acquaint you what AcneCare is all about:

AcneCare: Clinically Proven 44% Less Acne in Two Weeks
Now Available in the Philippines!

Vida Nutriscience has launched a revolutionary new way to treat acne: AcneCare oral anti-acne supplement
Topical acne medication, or acne medicine in the form of gels, ointments, creams and lotions can be counter-productive, instead of helping cure or prevent acne, it may actually cause it. One of the causes of acne is clogged pores and topical acne medication can clog pores so no matter how effective their active ingredients are, sometimes they do more harm than good.
Aside from that, not all people have face acne, some may have clear skin on their faces but actually have acne on their backs, otherwise known as bacne, or acne on their butts and other hard to reach places. With topical acne medication, you would have a hard time trying to reach your back just to put in the cream or ointment. And then you have to wait for it to dry before you can put on your clothes. It’s difficult, messy and time consuming.
With AcneCare oral anti-acne supplement, all you have to do is put the pill on your mouth and drink a glass of water or juice and you’re sure that the active ingredients in AcneCare is being delivered to your skin with your own body’s efficient delivery system: the blood stream. AcneCare gets to the the hard to reach places in your body like back, neck, butt, back of thighs and even inside your nose. If anyone of you has ever had a pimple inside their nose or their earlobes, then you know what we mean.
AcneCare is the first oral pill for acne in the Philippines. What makes it so revolutionary is not just because it is an oral medication but also because AcneCare combines three potent skin Actives to bring you: Acne3 Complex.
Acne3 Complex:
Lactoferrin is naturally produced by the body as part of its immune mechanism. The highest concentration can be found in mother’s first milk or colostrum. Lactoferrin has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-allergic and even anti-cancer properties. Increasing the amount of Lactoferrin in your diet targets the causes of acne from the inside: no bacteria, no virus, no allergies. You only get smooth, baby soft skin.
LinumLife is extracted from flax, a plant rich in lignans. When ingested, LinumLife is converted into our body’s own lignans which controls the level of the male hormone testosterone. Lower levels of testosterone mean less sebum or oil on the skin surface.
Zinc, when taken orally, increases the body’s production of collagen, boosts the immune system and controls the levels of male hormones. Zinc helps repair broken skin, controls premature aging, prevents breakouts and lessens oil-production.
Our active ingredients are clinically tested and proven to reduce blemishes, redness and oiliness. In as little as two weeks, you get 44% less blemishes, 71% less in 4 weeks and 95% less in 8 weeks. This means that with as little as two bottles of AcneCare, you are on your way to becoming acne-free! With continued use of AcneCare you get Visibly Clear, Touchably Smooth, AcneCare Skin!
AcneCare is available in all Mercury Drugstores nationwide. You may also like us on to know more about us and to get acne tips every day!

I will be blogging about my brother’s progress. I am really hoping this will eliminate his acne. Here are some pictures of his face. He does not want to show his entire face for now. May hiya factor pa siya.. hehe

Next post will be after two weeks.

I hope AcneCare is the answer to his prayers.

Godbless everyone!